I like to build things, fix things and help people

I coach founders and teams on how to build the business they want. I am in my element when everything is in crisis mode - because that is when people are finally ready to make the decisions and changes that bring impact.

As a Scrum Product Owner I have helped many companies build their products, improve their product process and build out their product teams.

I have lived and worked across the world in Cape Town, London, San Francisco, Warsaw and Frankfurt. I have a B.Sc. in Biology and an MA in Social Media.

On returning from the US, I couldn't find a good growth meetup in London and I started The London Startup Growth Meetup at Google Campus, which has now grown to over 3,100 members. You can find videos from our meetup at Startup Britain.

I have a colourful history in VC across Europe and can connect founders with the right people to fund them. I can also coach founders through the investment process. I am a Venture Partner at both Speedinvest, a European Seed fund and at Wilbe, a UK Pre-Seed science focussed fund.

Teaching and speaking on entrepreneurship

Various experimental things


CBD Tablets